About Me

Hey everyone. My name is Carl D. By day, I’m an elite-level freelance web and app developer. By night, I work on my personal project: the Work From Home Genius blog.
Creating awesome websites and apps is my job, but my passion is in sharing information on how to build a lucrative work from home career. The Work From Home Genius blog is my way of doing just that. In here, I will show you the various tips and tricks I’ve learned through my years of experience working as a home-based professional.

Just because we work from home, it doesn’t mean we’ve got it easy  – far, far from it, actually. We home-based professionals face unique challenges daily. These challenges including budgeting, time management, finding online gigs, and using money-making apps and websites. I’ve created the content in the Work From Home Genius blog specifically to help you guys make the most of your home-based career.

While I started this site for other work from home professionals, the truth is, a lot of the tips contained here will be usable by a wide variety of people. Busy dads, full-time moms, even kids, will learn a lot of things from the Work From Home Genius blog.  All you need is the drive and desire to make maximum money – all from the comfort of your own home.

Making money online from home dramatically improves one’s quality of life. Working as a coder is extremely high-pressure. But by working at home, I can maintain a good work-life balance. I can spend more times with the kids, and my wife and I always have time for date and movie nights. But here’s a little secret: I don’t just rely on my coding job. I’ve found a lot of great ways to earn online. These include doing tasks like answering surveys, watching reviews, and completing offers to reap the rewards. I’ve even found well-paying jobs through the so-called sharing economy (which includes ride-sharing, and private grocery delivery services). By using these methods to supplement my income, I was able to ease some of the pressure on my day job. And overall, I actually started earning more!

This blog won’t stop at earning methods. I will also be giving you some legit financial hacks that work, some time management skills, some app and website reviews, and so much more. I hope you enjoy reading the Work From Home Genius blog! Looking forward to seeing you in the comments sections.