How to Earn Real Money Without Doing Real Work!

I’ll go out and say that working from home has had a truly life-changing effect on my life. I spend less time in traffic (actually, I spend no time in traffic – my commute involves walking to our spare room, which I’ve turned into a home office). At the end of my day, I have enough time and energy for quality time with my wife and kids. Before I decided to work from home, I was a nervous, jittery wreck. And I missed some pretty important family milestones  – especially our kids’.

But as good as working from home is, it still just that  – work. I enjoy it, but it does take time and effort. I wanted to know if there were ways to make money without actually having to work. And guess what? I found not just one way, but multiple ways to do just that! In this blog post, I’ll be showing you how to make money without working. But first, a little info on just what I actually mean when I talk about ways to make money without working.

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Why Would I Get Paid Without Working?

For sure, these methods still require you to put in some effort to make money. I mean, if someone offers you money for literally no work, that is most likely shady (or downright illegal). Most of these making-money-without-working methods aren’t technically work, but they ask you to do stuff you already do, like surf the internet, watch videos, and answer surveys. And that’s why I don’t consider these work  – we already do these anyways. Why not earn off them? Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, here are my favorite methods to make money without working hard:

Get Paid Without Working

Get Paid for Shopping

Ebates is a cashback site. Meaning, whenever you shop at one of their partner establishments, you get part of your money back!


View Ads on Your Phone

Slidejoy is an Android app that will bring ads to your phone  – and the best part is you get paid for this!


Invest Your Spare Money

Acorn is an app that introduces you to investing. Whenever you use your credit card to make a purchase, Acorn rounds it off to the nearest dollar. That money is invested in your name.


Sell Photos

Foap is a great platform for selling smartphone pics. When someone buys your photos, you can earn as much as $5!


Answer Surveys and Watch Videos

GrabPoints is a great website that rewards you for answering surveys and watching videos. You can also earn by completing offers and downloading apps. The best part is, GrabPoints is the highest-paying survey site in the world!


Compete for Better Health!

HealthyWage is an interesting site. On the site, members compete to outdo each other in specific health goals. Winners can earn thousands of dollars!


Take Care of People’s Dogs

DogVacay and Rover are great earning options if you love dogs. The sites pair you with people in need of dog sitters and caretakers. It’s a super-fun way to earn! Earn money while spending time with a bunch of fluffy pooches  – what’s not to love?


Be Someone’s Buddy

Rent a Friend is a site that lets people rent companions for ball games, weddings, baptisms, or to just hang out. If you have an outgoing personality, you should give this a try. It may seem odd, compared to the other earning methods listed here, but it gives you the opportunity to meet and hang out with all sorts of cool people.


Rent Out Your Car

Turo is a site that lets people rent your vehicle (like an Airbnb for cars). One of the best ways to make money without working is by renting out your car. I mean, since you work from home, chances are you don’t use your car all that much!


Sell Your Old Books

BookScouter is my top site for selling old books. There are a lot of options for selling old books  – from eBay to local swap meets – but BookScouter usually has the best buying prices.


Test Apps and Games

FeaturePoints is a site dedicated to paying people to test apps and games. This is one of my favorite earning methods, since I already love testing apps and games in my own free time.


The Advantages of my “Non-Work” Work Methods

Now that I’ve given you my list, I thought I’d take the time to list a few advantages of these “non-work” work methods I’ve listed down. I wouldn’t recommend you give them a shot just for kicks. These methods have actual, real-world, value that I think makes them worth considering.

  1. They are super-easy to do. These are basically no-brainer earning methods. Some methods require a bit more effort than others. So you have all sorts of options, and you can pick and choose depending on your mood (and mental capacity – sorry, I just had to mention that).
  2. They are easy to do along with your “real-work” stuff. Since these earning methods are super easy to do, you can easily do them between your actual work tasks. For example, when I get tired staring at spreadsheets and handling with my design clients, I can easily slip in a few surveys and watch a few videos. It doesn’t add to the amount of hours spent working, but I can some extra earnings into that time.
  3. They’re a great way to reset your mind. In addition to earning you lots of money, they’re also good for resetting your mind in between tasks. For example, I mentioned answering surveys and watching videos in the previous item. When I do that, not only am I earning, I’m giving my mind a short break from real work. When I’m done with my surveys and videos, I can go back to work fully energized! This is different from taking power naps, since your brain is still engaged. So it’s easier to switch back to work mode afterwards.

These advantages are based on my own lifestyle and experiences. I encourage you to also find your own non-work work methods, and learn what sort of advantage and value they bring to your own life!

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