How to Make Money Selling Vintage Clothes

Some of my friends have been asking me how to make money selling clothes online. For a few years now, I’ve been flipping vintage clothes online. It started out as a hobby (I love vintage fashion) and it turned out to be a great way to make money, as well. I’ve been giving them tips on how to make money selling used clothes, and I’ve decided to share that information with my readers as well.

Here are the ways I go about making money selling clothes online. If you’re into fashion, and want to make money selling clothes, this article is for you. While the info here is for reselling vintage clothing, they should be applicable to all sorts of clothes. Go check ‘em out!

Make Money Selling Vintage Clothes

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Vintage is Awesome

Before we continue, I’d like to address a common misconception about vintage clothing. Specifically, that vintage clothing is sub-par. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While vintage clothing is indeed old, it has a timeless quality that makes it awesome. I came across this awesome article on Huffington Post, and I think it’s best to let the writer explain the allure of vintage clothing:

The quality of vintage clothing is simply unmatched by that of contemporary clothing, with the exception only of today’s highest end luxury designers. Before the 1970s when polyester first became king, and especially before the early 1960s, clothing was constructed to last. The end game with fashion was quality over quantity, for reasons both financial and cultural, and it is not uncommon to find luxurious details like French seams, generous hems, and exquisitely crafted buttons on even the most basic of older vintage garments. These days, even dresses that cost hundreds of dollars boast barely a millimeter of extra fabric, and a quick look at the interior of these garments reveals that regardless of the quality of the design, they were constructed with heightened attention paid to saving the manufacturer money.

And the writer isn’t alone in her assessment of vintage clothing. A lot of people love vintage and used items, and because of that, there’s a big market for preloved clothing. If you have a sharp eye and a good sense for vintage clothing, you can make good money selling these things.

Vintage Clothing is Awesome

The Qualities You’ll Need

You can’t just scour local thrift and charity stores and expect your finds to sell for big money online. Here are a few things you’ll have to keep in mind if you’d like to make money selling clothes from home:

You’ll Need a Good Eye for Quality and Style

Just because something is vintage, that doesn’t mean it’ll automatically sell online. If you search online for vintage items, you’ll find lots of people selling stuff they think is valuable, but really isn’t. They might fool a few people, but I think buyers are wiser overall. If you want to make money selling clothes online, you need to have a good eye for sellable items. This comes from a combination of knowledge, research, and instinct. Some people just have a natural knack for spotting pieces of clothing that will be desirable when sold online.

There is no secret method for knowing which items will be sellable. You need to develop your eye by doing research and knowing which items are in-demand, and which ones are made of top quality materials.

Have a Good Eye for Quality and Vintage Style

You Need to be Profit-Oriented

I love vintage clothes. I love scouting for them, and I love wearing them. Whenever I sell my finds online, I need to remind myself that the purpose of this endeavor is to make money. Sometimes, people tend to forget that just because something starts out as a hobby, it doesn’t have to make money. But without profits, you won’t be able to sustain your passion. So make sure you price your merchandise accordingly, and make sure you promote your sales on social media. That way, you can get a steady stream of profits to keep the ball rolling.

be Profit-Oriented

You Need to Have a Customer-Oriented Approach to Selling

Just because you sell stuff online, that doesn’t mean you can neglect customer service. If anything, selling online means you have to work harder to give customers a great experience. And that’s because you won’t have a physical shop, and won’t be able to interact with them directly.

So always maintain contact with your buyers, and ensure that they’re happy with the stuff they bought. If there’s a problem, make sure you attend to it immediately. It only takes a few negative reviews to permanently affect your online rating.

It’s also important to always represent your products accurately. If a certain piece of clothing is damaged, make sure you disclose it in the selling page, and price it accordingly. That way, you manage the buyer’s expectations, and avoid any negative reactions when they get the stuff they bought from you.

Have a Customer-Oriented Approach to Selling

Where to Sell Vintage Clothing

Now that I’ve given you tips on how to go about selling, it’s time to show you where you can sell vintage clothes. Luckily, there are a lot of places to sell online  – all of which are just a Google search away. But here are some of my favorite places to sell vintage clothes:

Where to Sell Vintage Clothing

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has become my default selling platform. Since my target market already uses Facebook, what better way than to have a selling platform built right into that? One advantage of Facebook Marketplace is that it’s free, and it’s easy to coordinate with buyers.

Facebook Market Place


Good old eBay. I haven’t used eBay that much lately, but this is still a top notch selling platform, especially if you have rare or collectible items. In my experience, buyers on eBay tend to be more knowledgeable of vintage items, and know exactly what they’re looking for. Home


Decluttr is a great place to sell bulk items. Stuff I couldn’t sell on Facebook Marketplace or eBay, I toss on Decluttr in large batches. Home


Poshmark is a great selling option, since they’ve got great social media integration. They’re like an online thrift store. Home

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