Making Money on Autopilot

One of the factors I consider when checking it a new money making method is: can I do it on autopilot? And by autopilot, I mean something that can be done with minimal effort and attention. And believe it or not, there are actually legit ways to do just that!

Making money on autopilot has one distinct advantage: they’re easy, so it frees up some headspace for other, more demanding earning methods.  

If you’ve been looking for info on how to make money on autopilot, I’ll be listing down my favorite methods in this blog post. Hope you find some money making gigs here that are to your liking!

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Make Money on Autopilot

Turn Your Car Into a Rolling Advertisement

As far as no-brainer earning methods go, this is as easy as they come. You can sell ad space on your car… and there are sites that will even pay you good money for it! Wrapify and Carvertise are two companies that immediately come to mind. Both are legit, and will install a vinyl wrap around your vehicle. These vinyl wraps are non-permanent; you can have them easily removed when your contract expires. In fact, most ad companies will even include removal in the contract. Make sure you look for that.

Also, your earnings will depend on your route. And when your contract has been finalized, you will be tracked via GPS, just to make sure you stick to the pre-approved route. So there’s that to consider. But this is still a great way to make money on autopilot for free… but not literally on autopilot, since you actually have to pay attention when you’re driving!

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Watch Video on Rewards Sites

I’m all about “stackable” earning methods. To me, a stackable earning method is something you can do on autopilot. I call it stackable, since you can easily do it on top of other earning tasks. For example, watching videos on rewards sites like GrabPoints. I used to work as a parking lot attendant. During off-peak hours, I would whip out my phone and watch videos. Heck, even during peak hours I could leave videos playing while I attended to my job. So I earned from two sources at the same time – my parking attendant job, and watching videos on GrabPoints.

I specifically mentioned GrabPoints because this site is truly something special. There are lots of rewards sites out there – most of which are barely discernible from one another  – but GrabPoints distinguishes itself by being the highest-paying rewards site around. You won’t get rich through the site, of course. But it’s a great way to earn a few extra bucks on the side.

And if you like earning by watching videos, GrabPoints has other earning methods. You can earn by answering surveys and completing tasks. Earning are sent to you, either as cash or gift cards, within 48 hours!

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Rent Out Your Spare Room

I know a lot of people who make good money renting out their “spare” homes (wouldn’t it be awesome to have a spare house you don’t even need?) on Airbnb. It’s an awesome way to earn money, but it does take a lot of work. They always have to ensure that their home is in good condition both before and after the guest leaves  – and that’s not exactly something I’d call an autopilot money making system.

But here’s a good halfway point: if you have a spare room, rent it out on Airbnb. You reap the benefits that a big crowdsourcing platform like Airbnb provides, but you also minimize the hassle you have to deal with. A room takes less effort to maintain than a room. And don’t worry about the invasion of your personal space  – most room renters just need it as a place to stay. They rarely hang out during the day. Highly recommended!

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Rent Out Your Garage or Driveway

But if renting out your room is still too much of an intrusion, here’s another money-making method you should consider: rent out your garage or driveway. Yes, you can actually do that  – apps like Parqex and CurbFlip connect you to car owners looking for parking space (both on the short and long term). This is an awesome way to make money on autopilot because you don’t actually have to do anything  – just provide a decent enough space and ample security to your guests.

Of course, your earnings will depend on your location. If you live near an office or mall, you’re in luck. Most of my guests happened to be office peeps who need parking space, since the parking lots near their places of work tend to get filled up quickly. They park at my place, then take the bus, or even walk, the rest of the way.

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Get Ads on Your Phone’s Lock Screen

Most of the earning methods listed in the blog post still require some modicum of effort. Except for this item. This item does not require any effort at all! When you install SlideJoy on your mobile phone, the app will send ads to your lock screen. All you need to do is use your phone as per usual. The app will run in the background, and the memory it takes up is negligible. You will earn whenever you swipe on an ad to unlock your phone. And if you prefer you could even engage with these ads.

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Get Cashback Rewards

This earning method rewards you for doing something you do anyway  – shopping! Ibotta is one of my favorite cashback apps. Another legit cashback app is Receipt Hog. If you’re new to the wonderful world of cashback rewards, here’s a quick explainer. A cashback rewards app (like Ibotta and Receipt Hog  – but there are many more out there) will have a list of offers from specific shops and establishments. Whenever you spend money in any of those shops, you will get a percentage of it back  – and that’s why it’s called a cashback reward! This is an excellent way to earn while shopping, so give it a try!

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